Design and prototype a mental health app that can connect to a physical device. How will this differ from other things like it?
There are plenty of mental health apps that already exist, however, a lot of them are lacking in certain areas. The interfaces can be overwhelming with too many things on the screen at once. The main goal of these other apps often deal with general daily stress or focus more on meditation/mindfulness. Many personalized features tend to be behind paywalls which means users may not be able to get the best experience out of the app. I wanted this to have a simple, straightforward interface that doesn't have busy imagery or backgrounds. Also, there are already wristbands that connect to phones to read users physical state (heart rate, blood pressure etc.). I wanted this one to act as an alert/notification system as well as a tracking system. With the app and wristband working together, the user should be able to get a serious, personalized, but not intimidating mental health experience.
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