How can "sorta glamorous, arm flailing garage pop" be visualized? Boy Jr. started with more connection to DIY basement shows and liberal arts colleges. There was not much of a solidified brand. The sound and persona of Boy Jr. was becoming something more substantial but the visual aspects were not there yet. Create a brand for the person behind Boy Jr., the evolving sound of their music, that can stand apart from other bands with a similar audience.
After researching aesthetics from the 70's through the early 2000's, and listening to Boy Jr. songs on repeat, shapes and color palettes came to fruition. The music is very detailed, layered, and morphs many genres. Visual aesthetics from past eras have become trendy, but Boy Jr. is meant to put a twist to the latest trend and be a step ahead before the next trend comes up. The base of the brand is a sans serif typeface in all caps with three lines above and below, and primary colors. This solid base allows for variations with more detail and layers, similar to the music itself. Boy Jr. is meant to be recognizable, so having a simple, structured logo can spark one's memory, but having more involved graphics can spark one's interest.
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